I'm relatively new to Storyline and am just creating my first course.

I have created a menu that navigates to where it should be in the course - all okay here. However, I am using hotspots to label pieces of equipment to show layer information when the user clicks the hotspot. There are about 9 hotspots on one image. I can get back to the main hotspot page with the machine on it by using a back button trigger, but can't figure out how to go back to the main menu or the next slide once all the hotspots have been visited.

Do I need to create a true/false variable to take me either to the next slide or back to the main navigation page once all hotspots have been selected and viewed?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Michelle,

Variables can't take you to the next slide or back to the main page. A variable is merely a container for specified information (for example: True or False, a number, or a piece of text).

Triggers perform actions (for example: jumping to another slide or showing a layer). A trigger may include conditions about when it should run (for example: when a variable equals a designated value or an object reaches a given state).

So here's what you can do for your project:

  • Add a button to your base layer with a trigger to return the main navigation page (or, if you prefer, to go to the next slide). Set the initial State of that button to Disabled or Hidden. For now, let's call this the Return button.
  • Create 9 True/False variables, one for each labeled piece of equipment. Set the initial value to False.
  • For each variable, add a trigger to adjust it to True when the learner views the associated info. For example, you could add the trigger to the hotspot, so the variable adjusts when the user clicks the hotspot. Or you could put it on the associated layer, so the variable adjusts when the layer's timeline begins or ends.
  • On each layer, add a trigger to change the State of the Return button to Normal when the timeline ends -- with the condition that all nine of the variables are True.
    • Note that this trigger needs to come after the one that adjusts the T/F variable for that layer.
    • Even though the same trigger is on all 9 layers, it will only change the Return button to Normal after the learner has viewed all 9 layers.

Good luck!

Jeff Forrer

 A few quick suggestions:

Slide 1.2:

  • On each layer you can just have the Back button be set to Normal state (vs disabled) start on the timeline after a few seconds vs. changing the state when timeline ends, up to you, but will save a trigger.
  • The trigger on the back button, you can change that to hide this layer, vs jumping back to the slide.  This way it won't reset.
Jeff Forrer

Hello, I took the liberty to make a few changes to Slide 1.1.  Use as you want, what you want if anything here, just suggestions.

  • I left just one image on the main timeline vs. putting a copy in each slide layer, to make easier to manage one placement, also then it won't jump when clicking each hotspot, (just suggestions here)
  • Added a condition in each layer to check for when all conditions are true, then when they are set the variable "SlideEC_Done" to True and check for when that condition is met, then set your main back return button to Normal. (many ways to do this, this is one suggestion, and hopefully solves your issue.)
  • Suggestion that you may want a different back button from each layer than the one on the main timeline to another slide.  Since they are the same button, but instructionally do something different, again just a suggestion for usability.