Hotspots and Hyperlinks in scrolling panels not working

Hi team,

I'm currently working on a project which has a lot of glossary terms. As a result, for two letters I've had to add a scrolling panel for the terms, which each have a hotspot over them that show the correct definition when clicked.

However, when you scroll down to the lower terms, it seems that the hotspots shift invisibly upwards, to the point where the last one is two whole words above where it should be, making the glossary unusable. 

I attempted to work around this issue by using hyperlinks instead of hotspots, however the issue still exists, and in fact now you can see where to hover your mouse to activate the definition for a word that is nowhere near where you are clicking. I really need a way to work around this and I can't seem to find one anywhere, yet lots of people have flagged this issue. 

Is there any chance the QA team have managed to fix this issue yet?

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Jamie Moorcroft-Sharp

I have found a useable workaround to this issue, and I'll go ahead and post it on the other threads I've seen for this issue because it seems to be something that's bothering a lot of people.

My workaround for this has, sadly, been to jump directly to the slide with the hotspots/hyperlinks in a scroll box. I did some testing and the issue seems to occur when you Lightbox the slide with the hotspots/hyperlinks in the scroll box. 

See the attached file for an example of what I mean. Notice when you lightbox the second slide that the hyperlinks shift upward for the lower Terms. Whereas if you select the second slide in the menu you actually don't seem to have this issue at all.

Of course this doesn't help you if, like me, you're using Variables to trigger a certain definition to show once you Lightbox, or now Jump To, that particular slide. The way I work it is to have a definition for each term which is set to True when the user clicks it, and also Lighboxes the relevant glossary slide. I then have a trigger that shows the correct glossary layer on that slide when the timeline begins, if the Variable for that term is set to True, otherwise it won't show unless the Term is clicked.

My workaround will now be, I have to correct the entire thing, to have a Variable for each Slide. When the timeline starts on that slide, the Variable will be set to True. when the user clicks Next or Previous, the variable will be set to False. 

As before, the variables for each Glossary term will still change from False to True when they are clicked, but the hotspot that does this will also now Jump To the correct slide, for example, Glossary C. The glossary will work as intended, and then the user will click a close button in the top right, which I will add to each of my glossary Slides. The button will check for for Slide Variables that are set to True, and if they are True, for example Slide 1, then they will Jump To that slide. 

This is the workaround I will be using to ensure that the user is taken back to the Slide they are currently on in the course, therefore maintaining the current progression and not moving them away from where they are currently in the course.

Please do comment below and let me know if you have any questions. I've registered a ticket and hope that Articulate fix this soon, otherwise I hope my workaround serves you well.