Hotspots doesn´t work on mobile devices? Urgent help is aprecciated<3

Oct 30, 2014

My hotspots that opens a layer doesn´t work on my samsung mobile device or my phone. I made the really large, so that is not the issue.  Some of them work sometimes, but it seems like if it stops after one trigger hotspots is triggered. PLease help me;-)


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Maja  Oi

Thank you. I didnt know this. I am working in storyline 1. I´ve been told it will work on mobile devices and i´ve checked the list with " no no;es" here in articuate heroes website groundly. I am worried about changing to storyline 2; what will happen with triggers, layout etc if i import my Projects to storyline 2? Will I need to work thrue everythng and do it all over again?


Emily Ruby

Hello Maja!

Here are the system requirements for Storyline 1. And also the documented information about Android support for Storyline 1.

As Phil stated, the conversion should be fairly simple to Storyline 2, but some adjustments may be made. I am sure others can chime in with any specifics they may have encountered. Storyline 2 will also automatically create a back up version of your Storyline 1 file in case you need to go back to that version.

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