Hotspots in Storyline

I have a slide in my storyline project with multiple hotspots. When my learner clicks on each, audio plays and a layer pops up with images. Once the learner clicks on the hotspot once, it won't let them click again. Is there a setting I can change so the learner can click on the hotspot as many times as they'd like? I do have it set to where they can't click the next button until all the hotspots are clicked (I set each to a variable of false, and then they change to true when clicked and the final button says the next button only works if all the variables are true). Would this have anything to do with it not allowing them to click more than once if they want to repeat the content of a hotspot?

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Madeline F

I unfortunately can't upload the file as it's a project because it's a work project, but the variables look like this:

Hotspot 1

show layer 1 when the user clicks

Set Variable 1 to true when user clicks

Hotspot 2

Show layer 2 when user clicks

set variable 2 to true when user clicks

jump to next slide

when the user clicks the next button if variable 1 is equal to true and variable 2 is equal to true

Walt Hamilton

When you click on the clapping, the layer opens, and never closes. Since all the objects on it disappear, it seems like the layer has closed, but it hasn't. When you click clapping a second time, the layer is already showing, but you don't notice it because everything on it has disappeared. Clicking on alternate icons, causes the alternate layer to show, and it starts its timeline again, and everything on it appears.

Place a trigger on each layer to close it when timeline finishes, and it will work.