Hotspots, Layers and Triggers, oh my!


I am trying to create a slide with hotspots that, once hovered over, will show a layer (fine and good). But that layer has a caption that I want to be clickable (to go to another slide).  When I choose "Restore on mouse leave" so the layer goes back to Base Layer, the user can't click on the caption that popup. 

My second attempt then made the hotspot itself have two actions: 1) hover over to display the new layer, and 2) click to jump to the new slide. Even though that sounds logical, it's not working.  Can you have 2 actions (hover and click) operating on the same hotspot?  

I think there's a way to make either of my methods work, but it's not working and I'd love to hear from StoryLine expert's advice.  I have attached the .story file here. Look at slide 1.1.  (slide 1.2 was another attempt with triggers).

Thank you,


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Patti Bryant

Hi Michael!

I see the issue. Remove the 'jump to 2.4 slide when user clicks' trigger from the base slide and move it to the ComplexImages-Layer. The easiest way to do that will be to copy the hotspot from the base slide, paste it to the layer, and remove the 'show layer' trigger - leaving the other 2 triggers intact.

Let me know if this helps.

Keepin' the joy,

Michael Wilder


Yes, that makes perfect sense, only it didn't work.  Because I have all the hotspots already copied on each layer, I simply deleted the "Jump to 2.4 Images slide" trigger from the base and built it on the "ComplexImages" layer.  That makes sense, because after displaying the layer, the user needs controls available only on that layer.  But unfortunately, clicking on the hotspot on that layer didn't go anywhere.  Any other ideas?   Thank you for looking at it and responding so quickly!


Michael Wilder

Ok, trial and error.  My work-around is to make the pop-up on the new layer (not the hotspot) clickable to jump to the next slide.  I think that will do it. 

 As a newbie, I don't always see the obvious - like putting the controls on the layer that appears.  :-/

Thanks a million Patti!

Patti Bryant

Hi Michael!

That's odd - it worked for me. Are you previewing the entire course (since 2.4 is in another scene, you'll need to preview the entire course to view it)?

I attached the working version here. Let me know if this helps. and you're very welcome. ;)

Keepin' the joy,

Michael Wilder

Scott,  Thanks for your suggestion; I'm just now getting back to it.  Here's the problem with that, and why maybe Patti's suggestion is close, but not the entire enchilada:

 1) I need to hover over any hotspot and show the captions
2) The displayed caption needs to be clickable to another slide, AND
3) Since this is set for "discovery" by the user, All OTHER hotspots and captions need to disappear when hovering over ANY other hotspot, no matter the order selected.

It seems like these 3 criteria are difficult to achieve w/o a LOT of triggers and hotspots turning things off and on.  I guess it's somewhat similar to Phil Mayor's Periodic Table, but I can't find the story file for that.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

I'm not sure that Phil's story is posted anywhere public - but you could message him directly using the "contact me" button on his profile to see if he's able to share the file with you or an example if it at least. If I remember, in one thread he shared it was a fair number of triggers as he was just trying to see how much he could add. :-) 

Michael Wilder

Hmmm. Great suggestion Scott.  I've never worked with "markers" before, but I'll look into it.  Having all the markers/hotspots show on hover wouldn't be a problem, and it might make the development nightmare I'm facing with multiple triggers, more feasible. 

Thanks for helping me think outside the box!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Prudence,

Thanks for allowing me to take a look at your file!

On layer Related 01, you have a trigger to 'Show layer Related 01 when the user clicks the hotspot'. This trigger isn't going to do anything, since the layer is already open.

Instead, you may want to change the trigger to say, 'Show layer Related 02 when the user clicks the hotspot'. 

This video explains a bit more. Let me know if that's helpful!

Prudence Mdaka

Hi Alyssa,

I truly appreciated your efforts to help me, I followed your advise and instructions. I have attached here the storyline file again but you will notice that slide 1.2 is the original downloaded template of slide 1.2 with different content. 

I would like to get slide 1.1 working exactly the same as the slide 1.2 template. 

On template slide 1.2 once I click on first hotpot in layer 1, it takes me back to base layer, I click on picture 2, layer 2 opens, click on hotspot 2, takes me back to base layer to click on picture 3, takes me back to layer 3, click on hotspot 3.

Not sure if I am making any sense but I would like my slide 1 to do exactly the same as template slide 1.2

Wendy Farmer

Hi Prudence

couple of things

On the layers you had a show layer (itself) trigger when the user clicked the hotspot which wasn't needed so I deleted those on each of the three layers.

On layer 1 you had hide the layer when the user 'right' clicks the hotspot - I changed it to when user clicks to match the other layers.

Slide 1.1 is now working the same as Slide 1.2

Hope that helps.

Prudence Mdaka


Can someone please point me in the right direction.

I have inserted the storyline slide 1, original template example Slide2, what I am actually trying to do.

I would like the user to drag bottle 75% (which is incorrect answer) drop in the box , disappear, show incorrect result and, try again.

User to drag bottle 85% drop it in the box, disappear,show incorrect answer & try again

User to drag bottle 90% into the box, disappear and this is the correct answer, user to click on continue to jump to next slide.

Mike G

I am having a similar issue with hotspots. Sorry I cannot add my .story file due to some sensitive material.

Long story short, I have a slide with a bunch of hotspots and the user needs to click on the correct 2 hotspots on the slide to move on.

 Each hotspot has 2 triggers, on hover - to show a caption, and on click - to set that caption to 'Down', which essentially changes the color. All the captions are set to hidden for initial.

Then when Clicking the Next button I have a condition to only allow this button to work if the correct 2 captions are set to 'Down'.

I have done projects like this a million times but for some reason when I click the hotspots they are setting the caption to Down but then it does not stay and they are going back to hidden when I move my mouse off the hotspot.

Hopefully that makes sense.


Walt Hamilton


It would help me give you some suggestions if I knew more about what you are accomplishing. As it is, it looks like you want a bottle to appear, and the learner to put it in the box before it disappears, and do this three times. To me, it seems like there is no room for making a decision, only trying to figure out what to do with the bottles before they disappear. Surely you have a more serious purpose than this. If you can explain what you want, I can give you some suggestions.

One thing I can tell you is that when the bottles disappear, they are no longer in the box. So clicking on Submit gives the message that nothing has been dropped on the box.

Mike G


Is this an answer to me? Because you have lost me. There are no bottles in my example.

On a slide the user has a bunch of hot spots and they need to select the proper 2. For a goal, lets say each hot spot is over an image, so when you roll over the hot spot the image gains a drop shadow and when you click that hot spot the image turns green. Yes, on roll over is checked to restore on leave. The issue is the click is not being saved. So when you click that hot spot the image turns green but when you move the mouse it does not stay green, it seems to be reacting  like a roll over with restore on leave, but that is not even an option when clicking a hot spot. It appears hot spots can not have more than one trigger on them.