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Kevin Thorn

Hey Rich,

There's a lot going on in your question: hotspot; quiz question; over video.

I'll take a stab at what I think you're wanting to do:

- a video plays

- video stops along the timeline and reveals a question (multiple choice, T/F, etc.). 

- user makes a choice

- submit button resumes video

Is that about right? Although not sure where the hotspots come into play.

Can you help with a bit more clarity on what you're wanting to do? 

Rich R

Kevin, that's one application. The application I am most interested in is the video plays continuously and the user clicks hotspots to identify things going on in the video in real time. All the other functions of hotspot quizzes would be needed (i.e. tallying results, standard and custom hotspot shapes, feedback, etc.).

Kevin Thorn


Yes, this is doable. First thing I'd encourage is mapping it all out on paper first essentially storyboarding this interaction independently.

Think through it and talk it out:

- Pause video at [mm:ss]

- Show text box with question and direction to click on video screen

- Show hotspots 

- Trigger hotspots to show feedback

- Button to resume video

Use cue points along the video timeline to show objects:
- Place HotSpot1 on cue point at [mm:ss]

- Add Slide Trigger - Pause Video > When HotSpot1 > equal to Normal. (you don't have to set the hotspot to initially Hidden because it's not showing on the timeline initially. When it appears on the timeline it is now in "Normal" state.)

Hope that helps get you started.