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Jun 27, 2014

Hello everybody !

I have one question concerning the hotspots quizz form. I created one free-form from a slide realized before, and i added some hotspots on the slide. 

But is it possible to ask to the user to select several hotspots ? Or is it just one single good answer possible ?

Thank you for your help,

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Michael Maier

I have a slightly different question. 

I have a correct "hotspot" (whether using the actually hotspot or creating objects to behave like hotspots). However, I would like to know where the clicked if they did not select the "correct hotspot"--so if were a screenshot of an application interface and there was a specific button they needed to click-- I'd like to know the wrong choices they were making. 

How might I do that?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael, 

This thread is a bit older, so I'm not certain that folks are still subscribed. As far as tracking where they clicked if not on the correct option - if you were able to place other options (hotspots or shapes) where the user may click, those could be tracked in terms of what the user answered. It'll be up to your LMS if they'll report that information to you or if it'll just be marked as incorrect. 

Michael Maier

Hi Ashley

Ok. I may start a new thread. Yeah, I think I can use the freeform hotspot question. I was thinking along the same lines. If there were specific places they might make a wrong choice. I think the question level data for SCORM should be able to track a specific wrong choice. I will let you know my results. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael, 

Always welcome to start a new thread. :) 

The SCORM reporting should capture it, but it'll be up to the LMS that you're using how it'll display those results. You may want to do some testing, and you could always use SCORM Cloud as an industry standard for testing, and there are directions here on how to utilize SCORM Cloud. 

Michael Maier

It worked fine using a standard hotspot question. I had 1 correct hotspot and 3 wrong hotspots (other possible buttons to click in the image). All the hotspots were named. The results recorded right/wrong/hotspot name. If they did not click on an identified hotspot then it simply returned incorrect. This provide the level of detail we need. =)


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