Hotspots, triggers and front/back


I was "playing" with the practice files (thanks so much for creating it) when I faced something which disturbed me.

The easiest way to understand it is to look at the attached file.

  • The fridge gets in state open when the sundae is dragged over it
  • The fridge gets in state closed when the sundae is dragged over the rectangular hotspot Close fridge
  • I expected that the state of the fridge stayed open if the sundae is dragged over a shape A which is in front of the fridge and the hotspot... But it seems that the shape A doesn't "hide" the fridge and the hotspot, because the change of state is triggered as if there were no shape in front of them (slide 1)
  • It becomes more surprising¬† when you add a trigger on the shape A (in this example, the sundae changes of state when dragged over the shape A) : the fridge stay in the closed state, as exepected in the first place. (slide 2)

It's likely to be a normal feature of Storyline, but it settled me. I hope it's understandable, as my english is rusty.

Thanks !

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