Hover-to-enlarge state change for 3 separate pictures on one slide problem

Hi All,

Brian here. I have a content slide with three images each prepared to change states to enlarged versions of the image upon a mouse-hover. Picture 1 works fine but pictures 2 and 3 are overlapped by all the other images and text on the slide. I tried arranging each hover state to be brought to the front but that seemingly did nothing. I have no active layers or triggers at this point. 

Any thoughts?

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Walt Hamilton

It is not the hover state that is the problem, but you are on the right track.  It is the z-axis (what's closest to the viewer) that is causing the problem. When you have a number of items on a slide, they all have their own level of what is on top. You can test this out by moving everything on the slide to one spot, and you will see that they overlap. You can change that by dragging items up or down on the timeline.

When you change the state of an item, it stays in the same z-axis order as the original state. Since you are using a changed state that is larger than the original, it will show that it is below other items. You didn't notice that before because the original is small enough that it doesn't overlap.

There are a couple of easy solutions: 1. use layers for the enlarged state. or 2. Arrange everything on the slide so the hover over items are as close to the top as possible, and/or arrange the locations of items on the slide so the enlarged states don't overlap.