Hover Graphic doesn't change until cursor moves

Here is what happens

1. I mouse over and the image changes to the Hover graphic = good.

2. When I CLICK, however, the image remains in the Hover graphic, UNTIL I move my house away. At which point the correct "Selected" graphic appears. WHen a new button is selected, the proper "visited" button appears.

I want the "Selected" state graphic to appear as soon as I CLICK.


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Greg Davis

Phil, Thank you.

I did as you suggested and the result was when I hover, the hover graphic showed up. When I clicked, the newly created DOWN graphic showed up (which is the same graphic as the SELECTED). However when I let go of the mouse click the DOWN graphic disappeared and the HOVER graphic returned. When I moved my cursor away, the SELECTED graphic displayed.

I Changed the HOVER graphic to the same as SELECTED and it works fine now. I'm now a little confused why I would use the Hover graphic unless I do not plan to have a click.