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Jan 23, 2015

I just started using Storyline 2 and I am learning how to use it.  I created a very simple drag/drop puzzle (see attached).  I have it set so that when you hover over the image, the state changes.  The state also changes when you place the puzzle piece in the correct slot.  The problem I am having is if you accidently hover over the piece after you have placed it correctly, it reverts back to the normal state.  How can I correct this?

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Rinnai America

Thank you for the reply. My issue is located on slide 1.3. I am still learning the basic functionality so I am sure this is something simple.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Terry!

I did not see the issue of the item reverting back to Normal when it was hovered over a second time. I did remove all the triggers, as the built in States do not need them.  I did see that in your drag and drop options, you have the "delay item drop states until interaction is submitted" checked off. This would make the items stay in their normal state until the submit button is selected. If you want them to see the drop correct state when they drop the item, you can uncheck the box.

Attached is a file with both showing the drag correct right away, and one that is delayed.

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