Hover - Making it 508 Compliant

Feb 14, 2017

I am working with SL2. I have created a shape over my hover state with 100% transparency and entered the alt text for the hover state in the shape. When I test with a JAWs reader, it does not pick up the alt text entered in the shape I tagged with the ALT text. I also tried the same with adding an image to the background of the hover state. Again, the JAWs reader does not read the ALT text to the image I tagged (the image is set at 100% transparency so it appears invisible). Does anyone have suggestions for making a hover state 508 compliant?

Thanks - Sandy

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sandy,

Thanks for your patience! I tested your file, and I'm seeing the same behavior you're seeing with the JAWS reader not picking up the Alt Text, so I've shared your file with our Support Engineers for further investigation (case 01015272). After they do some testing, you'll receive an email from someone on the team at Support@Articulate.com

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