Hover / mouse over tutorial wanted

I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how to set up triggers for mouse over effect to work properly.  I have graphics and text and I'm able to set up hover over graphic to get text to appear properly but the intro text on my slide disappears and never comes back.  I've tried different triggers and different states on the intro text box but can't get  it to reappear. I'm not able to locate a screenr that shows how to set this up. Does anyone have an example you could send me or a link to a screenr that demonstrates.  Thank you.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Gordon,

Quick question for you; Are you trying to use a hover state and a trigger for the hover effect?

You should be able to initiate the hover effect simply by using a state. If you add a trigger to initial the hover effect and you're using a "Hover" state, it could cause some trouble when you're trying to interact with the content. 

If you still have trouble with his, are you able to share an example .STORY file? I'd be happy to take a look and see if I can give you some tips or suggestions.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Gordon!

I admit, it took me a minute to figure out when the text was disappearing. I see it now, though :)

I noticed you have a lot of state changes and triggers set up here, but I really think you can do this using a much easier method. 

I hope you don't mind, but I removed all of the triggers to start from scratch and walk you through this. 

First, I can see that you're showing the text for the sections on different layers. This is perfectly fine, I prefer layers - but I do want to mention you could also just keep this on the main layer and adjust the states. As a mater of fact, you could do all of this with just one text box. 

Since you already have the content on the layers, though, I'm going to show you how you can use those. 

We'll use the first item on the slide - "Level III". All you need to do is add a trigger similar to this one:

On that layer, Level III, hide the text on the main layer so it doesn't show when this layer is open. To do this, select the Level III layer and then find the Inspections Level text box in the timeline. Click on the "eye" to hide this content when this layer is open.

It should look like this:

Just repeat this process for all three of the layers you want to show when hovering. 

I've gone ahead and made these changes to the file you shared. Take a look and see if that's closer to what you're wanting to do.

Thanks :)


Gordon Ledbetter

OMG!  It's simple and I get it now.   Mine started out simple but the more frustrated I got the more complicated I made it. I can't thank you enough.  This is what I love about the Articulate Community. People like you that jump in and time from their busy day to offer help when others get stuck.   May I add you as a friend? Since Jeanette left :(   I haven't found anyone knowledegable to help when I get stuck.