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Hi. This question has come up a few times over the years but I haven't seen an actual solution.

A hover object is used to reveal a layer. In Chrome and Safari, if user approaches a hover object, say, from above it works, but if user approaches same object from below there is no response.

I've had complaints from a number of users about this and telling them it's a glitch with Chrome is not something they really want to hear, I fear. Of course I cannot tell all of them to use another browser, I hope you'll agree.

Has there been any recent updated solution that I overlooked?

Thanks so much.

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Daniel Berlin

Hi and thanks for your response.

My entire project, Music Notation and Theory for Barbershoppers can be
viewed on my website at einsteinacademy.ca. Click on 'eLearning' and then
on 'Music Notation'.

If you go through the course you'll see quite a few hover objects for
getting 'Instructions' on a question. Some of them work ok, but many of
them only reveal the hidden layer when approached mostly from above or
from the sides but when approached from below the layer is not revealed.

And it's not just me, quite a few of my users complained about the same
thing. I'm not even sure how they figured out that they can approach from
another direction to the hover object and get a different result.

I'm starting a new project soon, 'Robotics and Computer Programming with
Arduino' and I'm quite nervous about starting with Storyline 3 while I have
no resolution to this problem. Unfortunately, there are other 'challenges'
with Adobe Captivate as well, frankly, so I'm not sure how to proceed at
this point. Honestly, I much prefer Storyline even though I do have a
wishlist for it! Two of which are: a properties panel on the side that
stays open, and an assets library so I don't have to keep downloading the
same image over and over.

Thanks so much for tolerating my 'rant'!


Lauren Connelly

Hello Daniel!

Thank you for providing a link to the course! I'm noticing the same with your course. Here's my test.

We'll gather more information about the course if we test the .story file. Was the project created in Storyline 3 or a previous storyline version like Storyline 1 or Storyline 2?

If you'd like us to take a look at your project, here's a secure upload link. We'll take a look and begin troubleshooting the hover issue.