hover on layer hot spot brings screen back to base layer

Mar 04, 2013

For some reason, my screen automatically goes back to the base layer if I've created a hotspot for hovering on an element on the layer above the base layer. I'm working inside a Process Interaction template with the step layers. It works okay if I select the action for the user to click but goes back to base layer if I use the action hover. Anybody know what the problem may be?


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Donna Morvan

Hello Mary,

If it were me.. I'd start looking into working with:

1. States - customize a hover state for the object

2. Lightbox - you can still get to  have this appear when they mouse over.. they just have to manually click on the Exit button.

If you're set on using the layer, see if unchecking the checkbox "Restore on Mouse Leave" works for you.. this will make sure that it stays on the layer you intended to show even if you are not hovering over the object anymore. In this case.. you just create button in that layer to go back to the other layer you were on.

Hope this helps,


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