Hover Over Link is showing abover hyperlink text

Hi, I have created a basic hyperlink in body text.  When I publish and view in IE the hover over link appears above the text that I had selected it on.  I have deleted and redone three times. Same issue. Please see attached picture. Hope someone can help

(btw the insert image in here doesn't seem to be working ).


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Cody Salinas

Hi, Amanda.

It looks like the text or the text box itself may have a hidden state you're not seeing. You can check to see if your text box has hidden colors for the hyperlink in the States tab:

If your published content works fine in Firefox or Chrome, it may be the version of Internet Explorer it's displayed in, along with how specific content is viewed.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Brian

I use FF 34.0 and it I think its not apparent that the insert image has worked. When you first click browse and select an image the light grey response 'No file selected' goes away and there is nothing displayed but the image is ready for upload.  When you click Insert button it attaches as I have done for both images below.  Took me a while just to do it even though it didn't look like it was working