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I created a hover state in Storyline 2. I placed a shape on the place on the slide that I wanted the hover state to appear once the person hovered her mouse; however, the hover state appears as soon as I put my mouse on the slide. It does not wait for me to hover over the object that I created. Is there something that I am missing. I have the shape on top of a graphic. Thanks!


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debra corda

Hi, Wendy - If you can still look at the file, I would appreciate it. I took it out of my project and put it on a single slide. I don't believe it is grouped with the computer graphic. This file has a hotspot, but I have also tried a shape with the transparency set to 100%. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Debra,

Because Hover is a default SL state, when you have an image with that state, SL is automatically going to show the hover state when you hover over the 'object'...in your case it was hovering to show the 7:00 tag info. Whereas you wanted only 'show tag' when you hovered over 7:00.   I removed the hotspot (I personally prefer shapes to hotspots) and put a transparent rectangle and removed the triggers. 

See if this what you are after