Hover state flickering when icons used on hover shape

I have a layered button (from a SL template) with a larger white circle, red smaller circle on top and a white icon on the top, to make a "button" that will open a section of the course material. These three layers are grouped as one.

I applied the SL standard hover state to the bottom circle, but every time I hover over the button, it flickers when it encounters the icon edges. I'd rather this not happen, and I thought by grouping them, it wouldn't happen.

I have attached the single slide I'm building.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

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Walt Hamilton

1) Groups don't play nicely with most things, and not at all with states.

2) The flickering you describe is usually caused by the Hover state being smaller than the Normal state, or having a section that is not filled. Either way, when the object changes to Hover, the cursor registers as not being above the object, and it revert to Normal, where the cursor registers as being above the object and it changes to Hover, where the cursor ... and flickers back and forth.

3) Solution Place a filled, transparent shape over the group, and attach the states and triggers to it, or change the group to a single simple graphic. Maybe the easiest way to do that is to right- click the group and export it as a graphic.