Hover state inconsistent


I have three buttons on my slide and I have enabled the Hover state on each of them. The hover state has an image that covers almost the entire slide include the position where the buttons are placed.

Expected Behavior:  When you hover over any button, the image should display without any background objects on top of it. 

I have also moved the objects backwards in case there's any issue.


Current Behavior: However, if I hover over the first button, I do see the image, but also the other two buttons which appear on top of the image. And this behavior is inconsistent. Sometimes, just the image appears (sans buttons), but at other times the buttons appear on top of the image.


I have attached a sample of this behavior, along with a few screenshots of what I am seeing on hover. Any insight is greatly appreciated.



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Walt Hamilton


Because Hover 2 and Hover 3 are above Hover 1 in the timeline (z-level), they will always show above it. To help you visualize this, look at slide one on the attached story. I enlarged Hover 1 to cover the slide when it is in Normal state. Notice that the other two buttons are above it. They always are, you don't notice it when they are all small. Changing the size of the button (in normal state like I did, or in hover state) doesn't bring it above the other two.

If you want it to hide them, you will need to put the image on a layer. You will have set the hover not to resume when mouse leaves, and you will need to create a trigger to close the layer.