Hover state is sticky, persistent

Apr 27, 2017

Hey guys... have you ever noticed that when you have 3 or more states, like normal, hover and one other (e.g. visited), the hover state seems to persist even when the actual state should be normal or visited (or some other option)?

I have a project that has normal, hover and 'done' (custom) for an image that also has a couple of triggers associated (a layer trigger and one to change the state to "done" when user clicks the image). I see hover elements around the image even after it's been clicked and I'm not hovering.

Also, the 'done' state is only partially right; I have to hover one more time in order for it to look fully like the 'done' state.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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IONE Trainer

Hi Matthew,

I wrote you back but somehow I don't see it here. Anyway, I said thanks for your reply and for your excellent article. Alas, it didn't work for me. I have attached the .story here... click the Budget tab to see the next layers. There's 7 shapes there with images and each have normal, hover and selected (or they did when I was experimenting). And they each have a trigger/layer that appears. After that, the hover state is still showing (though I would expect to see the selected state at that point). Any thoughts or advice welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

Matthew Bibby

Hi Roberta,

It looks like the issue is that you have buttons on both the base layer and the slide layer. The one on the base behaves correctly, however, because a new button opens over the top you can't see that.

The easiest way to fix this would be to have a button with just the selected state on the slide layer. Alternatively, you could rebuild the slides so that the base layer isn't hidden when a new layer opens and allow the buttons from the base layer to show through (but this will involve making a number of other changes so option 1 might be easiest).

Does that make sense?

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