Hover State Not Working Properly When Published in HTML5

When I publish my storyline 2 project in html5, some of my hover state objects are not working completely correctly. Specifically, I have a hover state for an object located on a layer that, when hovered, brings in a fade-in text box followed by a separate text box that flies in with a title over the first text box. So, when I mouse over the object the first time, both text boxes perform as desired. However, when I move my mouse off the object, and then return my mouse to the object ("re-hover"), the first text box fades in as expected, but the second text box (the title) does not appear at all (like it did on the initial hover).

 I have tried setting the Slide Properties for "When revisiting..." to both "Reset to initial state" and "Automatically decide."  Neither of these settings solved the problem. By the way, the hover state for this object works perfectly in the .swf version of this project, but not in the .html5 version. And my client can only use the html5 version.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or found a solution to it?

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Paul Schafer

Hi Alyssa - Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, your sample essentially recreates what I am trying to do. The problem I'm having is that when I publish (and view) my project in html5, the fly-in animation only works on the initial mouse hover. After the mouse leaves the hover object and then returns to it, the fade-in text works correctly, but the fly-in text will not appear subsequently.


Paul Schafer

Hi Alyssa - Because of the large file size and the proprietary content, I cannot share this file. I will keep experimenting with different mouse-over animations to see which ones will and will not work correctly in html5. If I find anything definitive, I will let you know so that it can be shared. Thanks again!  -Paul