Hover states in Sl360 update?

Has anyone had any changes to their hover states in quiz interactions with the SL360 update?

I updated SL360 yesterday and now I'm seeing that hover states don't line up in my quiz interaction slides. For instance, the multiple choice box is 450px wide. The answer text boxes are 450px wide and line up with the edges. The states of the answer text boxes are 450px, both hover and selected (only states in use). Now in Preview and Review, the selected hover state looks like it's cut off on the right side, as if the answer text box is wider than 450px and hanging outside the multiple choice box.

I've been working with these files for weeks, in source files and in Review. I've been checking hover states on both. This is not something I would have missed in the last few weeks!

Currently chatting with support, just looking to see if anyone else has this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elisa,

I'm sorry you ran into this issue - but it looks like you worked with my colleague Chino to confirm them both as bugs. Our team released a fix late Friday for one of these, so that should get you back up and running. 

You'll find the Storyline release notes are updated and you can download the latest update from the Articulate 360 Desktop application.

Let us know if you need anything else!

Katie Riggio

Really sorry for any headaches and slowdown, Elise! I downloaded one of the .story files from your case with Chino and published it using the latest Storyline 360 update, 3.17.16168.0.

I combed through the entire course in Preview and could not reproduce the hover states cutting off on the right side issue seen in update 3.17.16117.0. Phew!

We'll be standing by if you need anything else!