Hover vs Selected State

Hi all,

I feel as though I've read dozens of posts that are related to this issue, but I have not yet found a definitive answer, so I decided to pose a direct question:

Is there a way to prevent the Hover state from appearing on an object that is Selected?

Another way to think of it is: Is there a way to make the Selected state 'trump' the Hover state?

If context helps, the object is a text box with a single word. The word is

Grey = Normal

Black = Hover

Orange = Down & Selected

I would like all Selected words to never flicker to black as long as they remain Selected.

Thank you!

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Antony Snow

Hi Belen,

You could add a trigger to over write the hover state once an object is in its 'selected' state:

Action: Change state of

On object: Text Box 1

To state: Selected

When: Mouse hovered over

Object: Text Box 1

On condition: Text Box 1's state is Selected

You will also need to uncheck 'Restore on mouse leave' to prevent the hover state from triggering again.

Without knowing how your slide is set up and meant to work, this may not be exactly what you are looking for but using your example above, I have attached a very rough demo of how the above trigger would work. 

I hope it helps

Belen Ferrer

Phil, thank you so much for your straightforward answer!

Antony, thank you so much for the workaround! That's a great approach. The only reason I can't adopt it is the number of objects that have these states -- something like 55 per slide.

Time to submit a feature request to see if there's a way to get control over the hierarchy of States...

Gail Wingate

Hi, I've looked at Antony's example, and tried to create the a similar condition in the Change State trigger, but there is no way to enter the condition as Antony wrote it. Or at least I can't see a way. How can this be done?

Specifically, I am using states to zoom in on different areas of the same image. One portion of the image must be rotated 90 degrees to be understood. When the user's mouse hovers over the text box that corresponds to this portion of the image, the Hover state enlarges that portion of the image, but then I've added a Rotate state to rotate this enlarged portion of the image. I just can't figure out a way to get the state (of the text box) to move from Hover to Rotate.

Any ideas?

Thank you!