Hovering and coloring

Dear all,

We are making a learning programm for students about the enviroment, politics etc. I designed a little world and I would like et the following effect: when you hover over with the mag. glass, you see the dimension were these buildings are about. I managed to hide the tekst, but I can't get it back when there is a hovering over. I don't want to have a new layer, because then the learner has to close down, and I would like the 'hover'effect. Or should I use lightbox?

I would also like the hovered over part to get a different color

I add the SL file, to make it more clear ;-)

Thanks in advance for thinking with me

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Ryan DeWitt

Hey Tineke, no problem, You need to add additional hot spots to return the visibility of your rollover state back to Normal, all you need is 1 trigger with all the return to Normal code. I created 4 hotspots (quads) that cover all "non rollover area" you'll need to adapt to your needs.

I've done some this and reattached a new file.  Cool project. 

Christie Pollick

Looks great, Tineke, and I really like some of Ryan's suggestions, too!

I just wanted to stop in to share that if you would like to broaden the base of exposure for your design question, you would also be welcome to post over the Building Better Courses forum to see if those folks have some ideas you could use, as well! Best of luck with your project! :)