How about adding the option to edit the EXIT_BEHAVIOR variable directly in Storyline?

Jan 07, 2020


I've just updated my version of Storyline 360 and I had to publish a SCORM package. I noticed that when quitting a course, it leaves the usual blank page prompting the user to manually close the browser's window. It reminded me that I needed to manually edit the lms's Configuration file to change the var EXIT_BEHAVIOR  from "SCORM_RECOMMENDED" to "ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP". This is getting troublesome.

Yes, it can be done, but here are problems that I had to go through:

  1. My colleagues and myself had to request permission to become admins on our work stations in order to be able to edit the Configuration file.
  2. The EXIT_BEHAVIOR variable resets itself back to SCORM_RECOMMENDED by default every time I need to update Storyline 360.
  3. That option to change the variable is not available within Storyline's publication options. There is no exit behavior selection list to pick from. It must always be done by editing the Configuration file directly.

Does Articulate have plans to offer Scorm exit behavior options within Storyline to avoid editing the main file separately?

Maybe there's something fragile about it that prevents this, I don't know, but it would be a time saver if everything would be in the software to edit when we want to publish a SCORM package.

Thanks in advance.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jean-Christophe,

Yes, the solution you mentioned is one that we recommend if the Exit Course Trigger was not working correctly for you.

When your course is uploaded to your LMS for your learners, is this trigger not working?

I'm curious about what LMS you are using as it is not a common need for course authors.

However, I understand that the extra steps can be tedious and must be repeated for each course publish and re-publish, so I have submitted a feature request to our team.

Jean-Christophe Goyette

Hi Leslie,

the course itself becomes complete normally even without the trigger in LMS. There is no problem there fortunately. The issue is that I get the "you may close this browser window" page each time I use the Exit Course trigger, which is linked to the SCORM_RECOMMENDED variable. Also, I need to edit the variable to ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP in the Configuration file only once, and all publications will close completely if the user exits the course after the file is modified and saved.

My real issue is that the file needs to be changed everytime there's a Storyline update. The software uninstalls and reinstalls itself, causing all system files to reset. We also had feedback that having an extra window to close was annoying for users, prompting us to dig into these files to change it. If I could just select how SCORM closes a course directly in Storyline without having to tinker in the software's files, that would help me a lot.


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