How accurate Storyline can be with Japanese text in complex quiz?


I am developing a quiz combined with text-entry and pick-many questions. One slide contains 1. text-entry in Japanese and 3 pick-many questions out of 13 options.

I am creating this in TRUE and FALSE question slide based on this tip:

I added the triggers to change the status of T/F button selected with the right text input and choices of options, but these don't work as I expected.

Does anyone know Japanese text/sentences in trigger can work as good as text-entry question?(I tried text entry only quizzes before, and at that time Japanese text are evaluated just fine.)

Thank you for your help.




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Junko Takaira


replying to my own question..

I tested out lots of measures, and found out that Japanese text is working except for double bites and single bite issues.

Now, my question is:

when I build T/F question slide with text entry and multiple choice questions, can text entry have multiple correct answers in conditions of triggers? When I added single text entry correct answer, it worked, but when I added possible 2 correct text entry answers to triggers, it does not.

Does anyone help me with this? Thank you!!

Junko Takaira

Hi Daniel,

I was wondering the trigger did not work well just because I added a condition to match the Japanese correct answer. I used your logic of using Pick one question, but I still don't get the correct response even when I typed and selected all correct answers.

So.. I was wondering if using Japanese characters in triggers are not as compatible with Storyline.