How best to build a clickable progress bar with initial/visited states?


I'm working on a template with a custom progress bar.

It's clickable to jump from page to page but it would be better if the color change reflected the states, so that if the user jumped from the 1st to the 5th page, pages 2-4 would remain in their 'initial' state (grey).  Not sure of the best way to accomplish this though.  Any recommendations are GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!



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Erin Flage

I've done something similar before.  What I have done is add my progress tracker to my master slide and create variables either for each step/question, or in this case you probably want a boolean for each slide, i.e. "Slide1Visited", etc. 

Then create states in your progress tracker graphics such "Viewed" or you can try using the built-in "Visited" state.  Add triggers that if "Slide1Visited" = true, set the state to "Viewed/Visited"

Check out the Power Teal Template for an example.  (I think this is what I used as a basis when I created something similar)