How can I add a PDF to my course?

Nov 02, 2017

I need learners to be able to click a button in the course and open a PDF. I am using the "Jump to URL/file" trigger, but when I upload the course to our LMS, it says that the document failed to load. I also do not see the PDF anywhere in the zip folder when I publish the course - I thought using the "Jump to URL/file" feature added the PDF to the output so it can always be accessed...?

What am I doing wrong?? Please help!

(I am using Storyline 360)

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Walt Hamilton

I'm guessing that SL can't find the file (or can't access it, or can't find it soon enough) when publishing.  It looks like the file might be on a network share.

Try saving the .story file on your local drive (if you aren't), and saving the .pdf in the same file (don't forget to change the triggers to point to the new location).

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