How can I add results from sliders into report.html?

Apr 17, 2019


I have multiple sliders on the same slide/page (I call it page now so we don't mix up slide with sliders).

Then I have two survey pages that picks up the value from each slider. I can see that the result from the sliders are printed in the forms, but it's not sent.

If I set the survey pages to "User must answer", I get an error message that the question is not answered.

My guess is that it has to be another trigger than "When control looses focus" that causes the problem.

Check out my demo file for this issue. It would be great if anyone has a solution to this problem.


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Dan Lidholm

I have solved it. Seems I like I can't use the same variables for the slider and the numeric (or text entry) box. It will show the correct value but it will not send the value to the LMS or report.html.

So to different variables are needed. One for the slider and one for the Numeric Entry Box (or text entry). And then just a trigger on the each survey pages: "Set neb1 equal to the value of Slider1 When the timeline starts "

Some of you gurus probably already knew this. :-)

Here's the updated file if anyone needs it.

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