How can I avoid overlapping layers in interaction templates?

I'm using the process diagram template from the top interactions templates. My base layer is still visible when I click on the numbered steps in the process diagram. I set up visited states to make the objects on the base layer transparent when the user clicks the numbered steps in the process diagram, but some items are still visible. What is the best way to avoid the following when using the interaction templates:

  • overlapping audio
  • overlapping images

File is attached.

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Annie Jean

Hi Karen,

I have looked at your story file and tried it.

For the overlapping audio, the problem never occured for me.

For the overlapping images, this one is tricky. You need to keep the base layer objects showing because you need the buttons to be available but at the same time, you don't want to show the image.

In the timeline, if you scroll down to the last item, you will see "Base layer objects". If you open it, you can hide individually the items on it for the selected slide.

On your project, this is what it looks like:

So you just need to click on the "eye" icon, to hide them when on the selected slide...

Hope it helps. Have a nice day!