How can I change trrigers in javascript in StoryLine


I am looking for a way to use javascript code in StoryLine(2) project to change some trrigers in my project.

I will explain the exactly example.

The slides in my curse are automatically I want to anable accessibility mode, it's mean, the learner will darg botton, this botton will run javascript code that will change the slides's trrigers to be on the user control, the slides won't be are automatically.

I know storyLine offer "execute javascript" trriger, but I don't know wich code will do all this story

Someone knows ?

Or maybe, someone can offer me other way (not with javascript) to do it?

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Matthew Bibby

Hi Elish,

I don't think you need JavaScript to achieve this. If I understand correctly, this should get you started:

  1. Create a True/False variable called Accessible. Set it to False by default.
  2. Set up your normal navigation with a trigger that does something like 'Jump to Next Slide when the Timeline Ends if the variable Accessible is equal to False.' This is your standard auto advance navigation. This is what will happen by default.
  3. Add a Next button to your course, but have it hidden by default.
  4. Add a button to your course that will allow the learner to take control of when the slides advance. When this button is clicked it should change your Accessible variable to True.
  5. Then have a trigger to change the Next button's state to Normal when the Accessible variable changes to True.
  6. And a second trigger to change the Next's buttons state to Normal if the Accessible variable is True when the timeline starts.  

This way the navigation can adapt to the users needs.  It'll need a bit more than this to make it all work properly, but hopefully this should get you started. 

Let me know if you need any more info.