How can I create a multiple-response true-false quiz slide?

Oct 29, 2013

For a lesson review quiz I'd like to create a slide with a half-dozen or so statements that are true or false, some are related so it helps the learner to see all the statements on one screen.  Also helpful would be using check boxes for the true or false selection. Correct feedback would be for all choices correct, or maybe just all the true choices correct. Incorrect feedback would be for any wrong choice but not specific. I remember reading a post and using it last week to create a multiple text entry response on a quiz slide using variables and conditions. I could do that having the user enter "T" or "F", but I'd rather simplify that with check boxes. I could use a hint or two on creating multiple true-false check boxes on single quiz screen.

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Lisa Jones

Hi Leslie. Of course, please see attached. I've added the answers onto the slide in red text so you don't have to guess those & there are notes off-stage to explain what the desired behaviour is & what the current behaviour is. Thanks for taking a look at the slide. I hope I haven't over-complicated this activity & that I can achieve the desired behaviour of the incorrect/incomplete layer. Thanks again.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for sharing your project file so that I could take a look.

Design is not my specialty, so hopefully someone more savvy within the community will be able to chime in and help you out here.

I typically use a Pick One question type to accomplish what it looks like you'd want to have.

Take a look at the attached file and see if that's simpler and working more as you'd wish to see.

Good luck with your project :)

Lisa Jones

Hi Leslie. That is perfect for my requirements. I have never used the Likert scale quiz slide in the Survey section, I didn't know it existed tbh. The 'Try Again' layer helps me out with the 'what if the learner doesn't pick 1 answer from each of the sets of options' problem I had, as now this layer acts as incorrect or incomplete feedback. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my slide & help me out. Much appreciated. Cheers, Lisa :)

Intist Sro

Hi, how would the 'Results' slide work? Storyline is treating these 4 T/F questions as 1 question. You can only pass if you score all 4 correctly? I can see that Leslie's version has the visual X's and checks, but the 'system' doesn't actually know you scored 2 out of 4 (for example) or give you a 50% grade.

I just thought the simplest workaround is to use multiple response box and tweak the question, e.g.: Which of the following is true? or should be assessed? And you simply have 1 box per response. Thanks.

Leslie McKerchie

You are absolutely correct Intist. Based on the way Lisa had her example set up with re-tries, I assumed she wanted the learner to get it 'right'.

You would need many more variables to get different scoring and treat those as individual questions.

As I mentioned, I'm no designer, so other ideas are certainly welcome :) I appreciate you popping in to share your thoughts.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daphnee,

You've got two options to customize your feedback for a T/F question. 

1. Since there are only two possible choices you could use the built-in Correct/Incorrect layers to share feedback with learners on their choice. They're fully customizable and will already be set up with the initial question type.

2. If you set up a T/F as a multiple choice question (with only two possible choices) you can set feedback by choice. (Available for  Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Pick One, Which Word, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot questions.)

Let me know if you need more help! 

Wendy Farmer
Daphnee St.Val

Thanks for the tips Ashley, next to my feedback option it only says none or by doesn't give me by choice option and I'm using a multiple response template. 

Hi Daphnee

MR quiz types are not able to be scored by choice - As per Ashley's list above only the quiz types below have that option

Available for Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Pick One, Which Word, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot questions.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Daphnee

Slide 1.20 has nothing selected in form view to say which one/s are correct

Slide 1.21 only has one checkbox on the whole slide as the correct answer is that right? So if I only select True for statement 5 I get the correct layer but you are not validating any of the other statements? If you are trying to use a Pick One to evaluate a number of statements on one slide, you need to have two buttons offstage - Correct and Incorrect.  It is these two buttons you put into the form view and select the Correct one as the right answer.  Then you need to have triggers to evaluate which checkboxes the user selects as to whether they get the correct or incorrect layer.  Unless I misunderstand what you are trying to do.

Daphnee  St.Val

Hi Wendy,

I'm still quite the beginner in Articulate so pardon me! I didn't realize that I also had to select the radio buttons under the Correct row for each option in slide 1.20. Seems out of the two the pick one/pick many is an easier option to set up. My correct answers are now working perfectly. 

Now my only problem with 1.20 seems to be that question 2 won't allow me to click in both check boxes just one, whereas the others allow me to. Do you know what might be causing that?

Wendy Farmer

No worries Daphnee - glad you got one working and here is a tip for 1.20

Where you have two checkboxes you want the user to only be able to select one at a time ie. when one is selected the other one is not, if they change their mind and select the other one the first one needs to be de-selected.  To do this you highlight each row of two checkboxes > right click and select button set.  See this KB article for more information about button sets.

So you will need to create a button set for each row - you will have 5.

Once you have that set up - see if you can return the correct answer. If not, upload the file again and we'll see what's happening.