how can I create multiple unique log ins on the same computer?

I'm creating a e-learning course for use in a small medical clinic in Africa. We have two computers but need 20 staff to do the module. How can I make unique logins for each person? Can I publish to cd and save as unique files on the desktop? Any help would be appreciated. We have a very slow solar satellite internet connection so online use is not viable as we have a lot of video. I need to somehow publish to local, 

thanks for anticipated help!

Dr David Donovan

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi David, 

In regards to the logins, is that because you need to track elements in some way? Typically this is handled by an LMS and internet connection, but potentially you've set up something in regards to tracking to a text or database file? The latter set up is not something we can support.

Storyline courses don't have a log in feature as they're generally hosted in an environment that the user logs into - if you don't have a way for users to log in, what about just setting the course to not allowing "resuming" this way every time someone closed out of the course it would start as a new attempt for the next user? The resume behavior is detailed here. 

Hopefully others in the community who have had to do a similar set up will be able to share their thoughts here. 

david donovan

Thanks Ashley.
We run our few laptops on a car battery from limited solar power in a very
resource poor area.
With 20 people trying to use three laptops it may simply be best to sub
divide the course up into bite size modules that each can start and finish
in a short time. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply, it's been
very helpful. The resume option would be ideal if we were using a LMS, but
we're too down the line for anything so sophisticated!

thanks again,


Ashley Terwilliger

Wow David! You have one of the most unique set ups I've heard of...impressive. :-)

I'd remove the resume feature and break the course up into smaller sections as you mentioned (just import out the slides into new .story files and then publish each of those separately for CD) and this way each time it's loaded it'll start anew. 

Good luck with your project and please let us know if you need anything else.