How can I disable a dragover state on an object?

Jul 27, 2016

I have a "launch-pad" slide that's like a floorplan.  Users can drag a character to any room on the floorplan to jump to another slide where they learn about that room before returning to the same launch-pad slide to select another room.  When they return, I don't want them to be able to drag their character to the previously-visited room and navigate there again.  I've set up a trigger on each room to change the drag-over state of that room to a disabled state if a T/F variable for the room indicates it has already been visited.  Even after juggling the order of the triggers, the dragover state on the launch-pad still persists in allowing users to revisit rooms when they return to the launch-pad.  (The visited room displays in the disabled state when the user returns, but if they drag to it again anyway, they can revisit it.)  Any suggestions of what I can do to disable that?  

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Walt Hamilton

Place a shape over each room. Create it the size and shape of the room, with a solid fill, no outline, and 100% transparency. Set its initial state to hidden. Every time the user returns to the slide, check the state of the variable, and if it is visited, change the state of the shape to normal. It can't be seen, but will keep the shape below it from receiving a dragged object.

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