How can I do some branching without using layers?

Mar 15, 2017

Hi folks

I am trying to do a simple branching simulation using buttons inside a slide and I wanted to use no layers so that the timeline allows users to navigate back and forth easily and that they see the real timeline cursor (we lose it once we go to layers). I have audio throughout too.

I have 2 buttons, do this or do that and I was hoping to use the "jump to marker x in the timeline" but I only see pause and resume timeline, no way to jump to a specific place in the timeline. Any workaround or no luck?

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Adam Cannon

If you are on SL2 or later, there are a couple ways to have a trigger call a point on a timeline. You can do it through a cue point or by specifying a specific time. There's a "when timeline reaches" trigger under the timeline events. From what I can ascertain, though, it only works on the same slide. As far as I know, there's no way (without perhaps some serious Java scripting) to call a specific point on another slide's timeline. 

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