How can I effectively track pass/fail for my course?

I have an interesting dilemma.  The introductory e-learning course for our company is intended as a kind of "refresher" for anyone who needs it before diving into our software headlong.  As such, much of the course is optional, including the lengthy software tutorials and the final test, so I set the completion condition to "Y slides viewed."  That way, anyone who wants to skip all the optional business can do so and still get the course certificate for their supervisor.  However, I've had some issues with users complaining that the course is marking itself as completed before they're done, because they're actually going through the tutorials and then taking a break. 

Obviously, since the final test is optional, I can't set the course completion condition as "X% on the final test," but Storyline only allows me to choose that or "Y slides viewed."  I'm trying to set it such that the course marks "completed" in our LMS if someone views the final slide of the course, whether they took the final test or not.  I thought I'd do that by setting one of the results to be a passing score when the user views the final slide; however, it looks like I can't write to the Results.PassPoints variable.

What are your workarounds so far?  Is there a way for me to tell the LMS to wait until the user gets to that final slide before it's complete?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, StatEase Admin!

Are you using Storyline 360? If so, the course completion trigger is a perfect fit for what you're trying to do. 

Simply create a trigger on the final slide, and select the Complete course action. Then choose the status you want to send to your LMS and when you want the trigger to occur.

Here’s an example of a trigger that sends a positive status to the LMS when the learner clicks a button. The trigger will send either Completed or Passed, depending on the reporting status you select when you publish the course.

What do you think? Would that trigger fit what you had in mind?
Alyssa Gomez

Ok, no worries! There's another way you can achieve the same thing in Storyline 3.

Essentially you'll want to add a final Freeform Pick One slide at the end of your course, but you'll disguise it as a course conclusion slide. 

Props to Jeanette Brooks for coming up with this creative workaround! 👏