How can I get an MP4 animation to play within the slide on an I-pad?

I was wondering if anyone can help me with the following question I have about MP4 Animations.

Last year I had all my flash animations re-created into an MP4 format. The animations are of various steam components and whilst the animation plays text labels appear to highlight various important parts. As I have a Global audience the text labels are created within storyline, so they can be easily translated. So I need to keep the animation and text separate.

The animations have been inserted into the storyline slide and set to play within the slide. This all works fine for PCS, however on mobile devices the MP4 animation always appear in a new browser, and not within the slide, so the labels aren't visible.

Is there another format I can produce my animations in that won't be treated as a video when viewed in a mobile device?

Is storyline working correctly, as I have set the animation to play within the slide?

Any help would really be appreciated.






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