How can I get to the automatic post quiz review layout

Jan 04, 2016


I want to be able to edit the automatic post quiz review layout. I don't want to create one from zero but to edit the one the system gives me. How can I get to it?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Shevi -- Thanks for reaching out with your questions! If I am understanding correctly what you are hoping to accomplish you may want to see this article for 3 Easy Steps to Customizing Review Feedback in Articulate Storyline, and also this older thead on Editing Review Quiz Results Display. Please let us know if that helps or if you still need anything further! :)

Shevi Yuval

Hi Christie

I went through the articulates you recommended they don't help me...

I don't want to use the option to uncheck the "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" on the result slide because I need this option in other slides that the learner is reviewing. Is there a wait to uncheck it for one slide?

The other option to build a customized post quiz review slide- this it time consuming.... 

I only need one for an incorrect answer- so how can I build one that will only appear when the answer is incorrect?



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