How can I increase the width of the Menu Bar in Player and make the Template look big?


I was working  on creating E-learning course and I wanted to increase the width of the menu bar in the player as well as the font and the size of the player. I have attached an example, where I want the same size of the player, same size of the menu bar and same size of the Font like the one in the image . Can anyone help me with this.  

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Aakash -- Thanks for your reply, and my apologies if I am not following what you are asking, but have you had a chance to look at this information on Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size? This info will allow you to adjust the size of the browser and player size as a whole, but unless you create a custom player, I am not aware of a method to adjust only the menu bar in particular. Perhaps others will have come additional ideas to share!