How can I install Storyline 360, and the rest of the bunch, to a D: drive, not C:?

It would be great to run Articulate programs from an SSD drive.  I tried using the Command Prompt Technique referenced for SL2...

But I had no luck.  It still installed the '360 installer' on the C:drive.  And the 360 installer just installs programs where ever it's sitting.  

Anybody done this successfully?  

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Jeremy Terhune
Lauren Connelly

Hi Taylor!

I'm happy to offer an update! I know we are all navigating these changes together.

Right now, we aren't changing the path of the installation for Articulate 360. Articulate 360 is continuously validating your subscription, pushing update information and having a lot of elements tied to it, so installing it outside of these defined locations isn't something that we can support.

If you have any additional questions, I'd recommend reaching out to our team in a support case!

Boo! This is not an update, its toeing the line.

Taylor, since Articulate keeps coming up with excuses on why this basic feature that virtually all other software in the known universe has, follow the steps provided by Soren J Birch which will solve your problem.

I did this two years ago and it was a much easier experience than waiting for Articulate to realize how simple it is to solve this problem without causing their software to self-implode.

Karyn Lemberg

So- I just got a new computer and am going through the fun of reinstalling all my software :-) and finding out which ones are nasty and commandeer the C: drive. I have multiple drives in here so I can keep system/program/data and work-related files separate from each other, but Articulate still wont allow a choice of file locations?

Just came to look this up and it seems there is still no resolution & yes I'll make a support case. I can't believe in 4 years nothing has changed. Even the Adobe puts their small installer on C:, but allows you to select which drive to install the actual programs/apps on.