How can I jump to the next slide when web object game has finished?

Hi guys,

We are currently making a game on Construct 3 that we will import (as a web object) into Storyline 360 as part of a course we are making. The prototype of the game works fine, but Storyline does not know when the game is finished and therefore does not know when to advanc to the next slide.

We have tried various resources with Javascript solutions such as these links:

But none of them have worked so far.

Does anyone have a solution for how to move Storyline to the next slide when a web object game has finished? Would really appreciate it!

Thank you!

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Ria Fernandez

Hi V Raja,

Here is the Storyline 360 file and zip file of the Construct game. Initially, we wanted the slide to automatically jump to the next slide when the shooter shot 5 monsters. To make it simpler, we just added a button and if the user presses the button, that would take them to the next page, but it's still not happening.

Would you know how to fix it?