How can I keep a running total in Storyline 2

Hi all, I'd like to keep a running total of clicks on buttons to generate a percentage of 'x% of people got this right'.

I've made three variables - click / correct / percentage - when someone gets to a question their right and wrong clicks are counted and it works out a percentage. It's fine for a single user. 

What I want it to do is to store the click and correct variables so everyone who tries the module has their clicks counted and aggregated to a collective score and a proper percentage, otherwise the calculation is just based on each individual's attempt.

Is this possible?

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Andy Muir

Hi Milk

My thoughts would be to have a separate database table, with two entries, clicked and correct. You would need to call your own PHP file on your own server such as

If correct is true, php should read in the two values, add one to each value. If correct is = false add one to clicked only. You will need some very basic PHP / MySQL to achieve this of course.

Hope it helps.


Milk Studio

Thanks Christie, Andy.

@Andy, do you have (or know of) any examples of the above. It sounds like a logical step, adding clicks to a database (or a txt file) but would be good to see this in action, especially pulling the numbers back into the storyline module in order to do the calculation.

cheers :)