How can I make this so only 2 buttons can be selected?

Jan 11, 2017

As above. It's a choose two question but I cant get it to stop after two selections.

Any help appreciated.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Bruce 

create a number variable that adds +1 when user makes a selection , then set the others to disabled state when variable =2. Alternatively put a transparent shape over all selections that is set to hidden and trigger to change state to normal when variable =2. Transparent means has a full colour set to 100% transparent not no fill. Hope that helps 

Wendy Farmer

If you are resetting answers you'd need to reset the variable back to 0 to start again. So on the reset answers button try this trigger:

  • Adjust variable (number variable) value 0 when user clicks reset button.

Not sure which way you've gone if you are using disabled states or transparent shape but these should be reset if you have the reset to initial state set as the revisit option in the slide properties.

If that doesn't work you can share your .story file and someone will take  a look for you. 

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