How can I pause video, ask a quiz question, play video and repeat?

Hi Heroes,

How can I pause a video, ask a quiz question, play video and then repeat?

I have a video on my slide that I want to pause at a certain point and have a quiz question appear. I want the quiz question to appear at time x without any prompting from the user. Once this question has been answered I would like the video to start playing until it once again pauses and a new quiz question appears.

Anybody know how best to do this?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Adam,

What I would do is set up a shape offscreen, and set the trigger to pause the media when the timeline for that shape starts (you'll place the shape on the timeline based on when you'd like the video to start). I'd then set an additional trigger to jump to the slide with my quiz question also corresponding to the timeline of the shape. I've included an image of how these triggers would look

You'll have to set the triggers on the quiz feedback layers to return to your video, and ensure the slide with the video is set to "resume saved state" when revisiting so that the video will continue to play. 

If you'd like to share your .story file here or with me via PM I'm happy to take a look at your triggers when you get it set up.