How can I prevent users from clicking on a slide and pausing a motion path?


I created a slide where there is a game that is triggers by motion paths when user presses the arrow keys.

I noticed that if by accident I click on the slide, the trigger stops and I'm not able to continue with the game.

I tried putting a transparent object above the game, transparent layer but nothing works.

any suggestions?

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Rona Bar


the only trigger on this slide is "move object when user press key", and I used the arrows (up, down, left, right) for the user to use.

other than that, I don't see why when I click on the slide with the mouse, my triggers don't work.

this happens when I preview the project and also after publishing,


Walt Hamilton

How did you make the object transparent? For it to intercept the mouse click, it cannot be created with no fill. It must have a fill and be set to 100% transparency.

I don't think a layer is the best option.  The object must be at the very top of the timeline list, and must cover the entire slide, but as Nejc says, clicking only fires a written trigger that is attached to the object, or stops a video. Otherwise no trigger, no stop.  Is there a trigger on the master slide?