how can i reduce my layer usage on this?

I'm hoping there is a different way to do this. I have a slide with 5 phrases. The person has to pick 2 and submit them. Then a layer shows with other information that stays the same no matter what the person picked and the two picked phrases. The phrases will not be in there orginal spots and they cannot have huge gaps. In other words I can't have a variable to possibly show each one and in one case have them spaced correctly and in another case have a huge gap bewteen them. I can do this with 10 layers. I'm wondering if there is a way to do this with only one layer?

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Meryem M


If you have an object ChoiceOne" with five states, one for each possible choice. Then you can place ChoiceOne on your feedback layer, and use a trigger to change the state to the particular choice. Do the same with ChoiceTwo. This way you can have ChoiceOne and ChoiceTwo on your layer in the correct placement, and vary them according to their state.