How can I set "no shadow" in caption text default?

Jul 08, 2013

I find that my caption text always includes a shadow effect, even if I remove the shadow effect manually and then use the "Set as Default Shape" option. When I insert a new caption and type text inside, I get all the text attributes I wanted, except that the shadow effect comes back. Help? 

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Donna Copeland

Which leads me to a "default" question related to captions system-generated in Storyline's function to record "step-by-step" screencasts in "view" mode.  I understand you can select one default shape (including a caption shape), that should be generated when recording a step by step screencast from inside Storyline, but that this does not necessarily include the inherent text box or font attributes.  Is that true? 

Is there any other way to create text box font and attribute defaults (like not having Storyline always make the text to be shadowed)??  I thought rather than using the Format Painter option to globally make all captions (and text boxes within) the same, could you set a text box font default setting within the design theme like the default font sets and in the slide master for backgrounds, colors, and placeholders????

Beverley Davis

Exactly. I created a text box with 3 states: Normal, Hover, Visited.

Then I used the format painter to apply to several other text boxes. The boxes in their Normal state stayed as formatted. However, random text boxes reverted back to Resize Shape to Text when I checked the formatting on the Hover and Visited states. I wanted all of the boxes to be the same size, but I can't seem to keep the resize from happening on all of them.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beverley,

If it's no reproducible regularly, I'd wnat to first check that you were working on local project files as described here, as working off a network or shared drive could cause odd behavior within your project files.  

Also, instead of using the format painter, which I've heard other users say with states doesn't pick up all the elements - what about duplicating the object instead? That should carry over all properties and elements and then you could change the text as needed. 

Jane Latchford

Hi Leslie,

Using 360, is this functionality available for formatting a shape? Having to manually re-format my captions in Storyline and use Change Shape to get the shape to match the Velocity template caption shape. And then want them to have the same sizing. Eg. 163 (width) X 27 (high), wrap text, Resize shape to fit text and Wrap text in shape.

All the best,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jane,

We haven't added a feature that matches what Marisa and Donna described some years ago. It sounds like using the Change shape and the Format painter would allow you to have consistent shapes across the board. 

Also, if there are other specifics that you'd like to see in Storyline, you can share those by logging a feature request.  Here's a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests.

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