How can I stop looping in my screen recording in Articulate 360?

Oct 16, 2017

I am using screen recording for the first time in Articulte 360 and have added it in one of the courses for a client.  When it gets to the last screen it loops and continuously plays.  I want it to stop on the last screen and have two buttons to give the learner a choice to see the screen recording again or continue course (in other words, stop the continuous looping).  Any tips or recommendations?  Appreciate it.

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Ali Goulet

Sorry about that, Patti!

Try submitting your file directly to our Support Engineers right over here, instead- they're available 24/7 and happy to help! The attachment area on that page allows for large file transfer, so you should be able to upload it there.

I understand the time constraints you're under, so let me know once you've submitted your case and I'll keep an eye on it's progress! 

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