How can I use a pop-up to notify about locked navigation?

Hi Heroes,

My client requires that certain slides be locked so the learner must explore all layers before the "Next" button will function. That's not a problem, I got that already done.

Problem: Now they want a "pop-up" notifying the learner they must navigate all the layers before the "Next" button will work IF they try to use the "Next" button before hitting all the layers.

And no, they don't want a notice on the stage at the beginning of the timeline telling them that. They only want the pop-up.


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Steve Flowers

Hey Rick,

A few ways to do this. See the attached example for one. I setup 2 variables. One for slideDone (true/false) and another to trigger the notification (a number).

On the master slide, there are a couple of triggers at the base of the main layout. And there's a layer that contains the notification. If the slide is done, it'll jump to the next slide. If not, it'll go to the next trigger in the sequence and increment the slideDone variable. On the master slide, the listener picks up on this and shows the notify layer.