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Tyler Braddick


Are you trying to require that a user interact with buttons prior to being able to move to the next slide?

If so, the way I would do that is by making a layer that contains a Next or Submit button that when clicked moves to the next slide (or whichever slide you have selected). 

Then create an object trigger that requires each object you require to be visited or selected be in that state before the layer with the Next or Submit button will appear. 

Susi B


you can disable your next button until the user clicks the button. For this you need:

- set state of next button to disabled as the initial state

- 1 true/false variable for excample called "button1" starting with the value "false"

- a trigger on the button: change variable "button1" to true when user clicks button

- a trigger for the next button: change state of next button to normal when variable changes variable button 1 (under the condition button1 equals true)

Hope this helps. :)